Pure Nickel strip used in battery connectors

AMETEK SMP Pure Nickel Strip has been the premier material for battery connections for decades. The high purity of our material offers the highest conductivity of commercially manufactured nickel products due to the low impurity level. These non-metallic inclusions are impurities that are imparted to cast products as a result of hot rolling slabs in an unprotected environment. AMETEK maintains a low temperature cold rolling process to minimize the impurities from forming. As discussed in our Ultra Power Technical Bulletin the conductivity of our Nickel Strip is 15-20% higher than competitive materials. This higher conductivity allows for manufacturers and designers to continue miniaturizing the sizes of the battery connections without sacrificing power handling capabilities.

Battery Applications
Three AMETEK SMP grades, AME270-899A, AME200-899L, and AME205-899D, are currently used in different battery applications. Grade AME270-899A finds limited use as a tab material in special applications. Grade AME-899L has more widespread use as a tab and perforated substrate in Ni-Cd batteries, and as cathodes, frames for expanded metal anodes and bus bars in lithium-thionyl-chloride batteries. Grade AME205-899D is used as deep-drawn casings, headers, and expanded metal for various lithium-based batteries.

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