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Pfinodal® and AM-388® strip as replacement for Copper Beryllium strip | produced from wrought powder metallurgy

Pfinodal® and AM-388® Strip

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products offers two grades of Spinodally Strengthening materials. Our Pfinodal® and AM-388® materials are produced through the same wrought powder metallurgy as copper based products with Nickel and Tin additions.

These materials can be roll tempered to desired mechanical properties but also avail themselves to age hardening for increased strength and hardness making them ideal for bearing materials as well as electrical connectors. The low distortion during hardening allows for complex forming of parts prior to heat treatment without the need for costly fixtures.

Recently, Pfinodal® has been chosen as a replacement for Beryllium Copper due to the carcinogenic effects of Beryllium and fears of bans on Beryllium containing products due to REACH, RoHS, and mandates.

Copper-Nickel-Tin alloys include 377 Pfinodal® (C72900) and 388 Spinodal (C72650).

(PFINODAL® and Spinodal alloys)

AMETEK Grades Industry Equivalents
AMETEK 377 PFINODAL® (C72900) competes with beryllium-copper for many electrical applications where high strength and excellent formability without dimensional instability are required.

AMETEK 388 Spinodal (C72650) offers high conductivity and strength for connectors, sockets, bearings, and switches.
  • High strength and excellent formability without dimensional instability
  • Highly resistant to shrinkage and warpage – up to 10x more than BeCu
  • Excellent solderability and resistance to intermetallic formation at high temperature
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning
  • Lower initial cost and processing cost savings
  • High conductivity (Spinodal 388®)