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Custom shaped wire and flat wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staples, aeroplane push pull controls & braided cables

Shaped Wire

As a leading metal wire manufacturer, we engineer high tolerance custom shaped wire and flat wire products in a wide range of standard shapes in addition to custom shapes. The range of alloys available is nearly endless with choices from our own high purity wrought powder metallurgy alloys (nickel wire, Pfinodal® wire, Sealvar®, and Nickel Irons). We also process materials from nearly any metal wire manufacturer or rod producer on the planet including stainless wire, steel wire, aluminium wire and more. A comprehensive review of these materials can be found in our Shaped Wire Brochure
Standard Shaped Wire
Standard shaped wire is available from on-site tooling in round, square, and flat wire products. Edges of flat wire products can be profiled with square, rolled rounded edges, natural round edges or fully blended round edges. Applications for standard shaped wire include:

Wire Edge Capabilities

Square Edge Wire
Flat side with very minimum radius at the corners

Rounded Corner Wire
Flat side wire with a larger radius on the corners

Natural Rolled or Round Edged Wire
No flat on side. Slightly sharp corner where arc meets flats

Full Rounded or Blended Edged Wire
No flat on side. Arc blends into flats, eliminating sharp corners

Custom Shaped Wire
In addition to our standard wire shapes such as round, square and flat wire products, we offer custom wire shape capabilities that are only limited by the imaginations of your designers. Our custom wire shapes are produced to customer drawings and include:
Shaped Wire Sizes
We engineer super fine wire down to 0.004" (0.1016 mm) up to 0.250" (6.35 mm).

Wire Size Capabilities




Square Wire

0.010" to 0.200"

+/-0.0002" to +/-0.002

Round Wire

0.004" to 0.250"

+/-0.00025" to +/-0.0015"

Flat Wire

0.008" x 0.018"

+/-0.001" to +/-0.0035"
Based on ratio of gauge to width

Custom Wire Shapes

Wire Alloy Capabilities

Aluminum Wire

1000 to 7000 Series

Carbon steels Wire

G10060 to G10600

Copper Wire

Copper, Copper-Nickel-Tin, Bronze, Brass, Leaded Brass, Nickel Silver, Phosphorus Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Copper-Nickel-Indium

Nickel Wire and Nickel Alloy Wire

200, 201, 205, 211, 233, 270, Monel®, Inconel®, Incoloy®

Nickel Iron Alloy Wire

Invar® 36, 42, 46, 48, 52, Kovar® (F-15)

Resistance Alloy Wire

30-ohm, 60-ohm, 90-ohm, 180-ohm

Stainless Steel Wire

300 & 400 Series, 17-4 PH® , A-286

Wire Products in Other alloys

Nickel and Cobalt alloys via powder metallurgy. Other alloys based on availability

Stranding & Bunching Capabilities

Size of Strands

0.005” to 0.062”

Number of Strands

7 Strands to 65 Strands

Packaging Capabilities


3 to 30 pounds

Hex Pails

15 pounds.


50 to 1,000 pounds


30 to 200 pounds


175 to 500 pounds

Straight Lengths

6 inches to 12 feet

Shaped Wire Applications
As a world class metal wire manufacturer, we deliver custom shapes, custom alloys and precise sizes tailored to your specific application – for maximum performance. Critical applications include:
  • Channel wire for MRI superconductors
  • Wire for near net shape orthodontic brackets
  • Wire for lids and leads
  • Toothbrush staples for medical
  • Lock collar tape for aerospace rivets
  • Raid wire for braided cables
  • Posts and hooks for jewelry
  • Bunched wire for thermo couples
  • Core wire for tire valve stems
Superior Dimensional Control
AMETEK SMP Wallingford uses a variety of wire forming technology - drawing, rolling and shaping; provides in-house tooling capabilities; and offers experienced engineering support. We consistently work to tight tolerances in the fabrication of simple and complex wire shapes for superior dimensional control. Our drawn wire products are available with short lead times and small batch sizes, while maintaining product consistency from lot to lot.
Improved Die Wear, Formability, and Platability
Our expertise in the technology of wrought powders metallurgy enables us to manufacture nickel and custom alloy shaped wire with proven advantages - purity, consistency and close compositional control. These advantages give our customers improved die wear, formability and platability.
Ultimate Quality
Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001 and we constantly upgrade our processes, equipment, and operator training to produce high-quality shaped wire and flat wire products.
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