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Electronic and I/C Packages

Thermal Management Materials for electronics

AMETEK SMP produces high quality composites for management of heat in electronics packages. These composite materials are comprised of Molybdenum Copper (AMC), Tungsten Copper (AWC) and Aluminum-Silicon-Carbide (AlSiC). These materials are offered both in a raw form such as block or sheet for finished machining at our customers’ facilities or their sub-tier suppliers as well as offered in turnkey finished products completed through machining, plating and customer specified packaging.

Our products are offered in a wide breadth of sizes including standard blocks of 3” x 4” x 12” down to finished machined and plated products in .015” cubes.

These products are used as both the hermetic housings and as expansion-matched heat sinks and thermal spreaders for electronics. The materials can be matched to the CTE of specific semiconductors for the elimination of cracking due to uneven expansion at the interface of the semiconductor and the heat sink. Our processing ensures isotropic properties within the x-y plane while offering flexibility of thickness (z-direction) for the most efficient designs.