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Narrow gauge strip for metal cored welding wire

Weld Wire Sheathing

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products uses a wrought powder metallurgical process manufacture narrow gauge strip materials used as the outside sheathing of flux cored and metal cored welding wire. Our high purity process allows production of materials with very high ductility as compared to a conventional casting process.

This process of wrought powder metallurgy allows chemistry flexibility in small batch sizes for custom or developmental work.

The processing of these materials begins with the consolidation of powder through a roll compaction process and followed by a controlled atmosphere sintering. Further reduction of the material is performed solely under cold working temperatures to reduce the introduction of non-metallic inclusions and annealing is performed under controlled atmospheres.

Product can be supplied in either pancake coils or traverse wound reels of up to 700 lbs. The traverse wound reels contain no finish gauge welds allowing continuous operations.

The purity of the material ensures low levels of non-metallic inclusions including oxides. This condition improves tool and die life during processing of the wire.

Find a consolidated listing of our Weld Wire Sheathing Products in our AMETEK Weld Wire Literature.

Nickel Based Sheathing

Our Pure Nickel Strip product can be engineered to specific customer requirements and applications.

Nickel-Iron based products are available in standard grades of 42%, 48% and 55% Nickel with Iron as the balance. However, our chemistry flexibility allows us to customize the chemical content to match your specific requirements.

The high purity process lends itself well to production of ductile Nickel-Chrome alloys with high Chrome percentages. AMETEK Specialty Metal Products currently offers standard grades of 10%, 20%, 30% and 35% Chrome with a Nickel balance. Silicon can also be added to the product to promote de-oxidation during the welding process.

Cobalt Based Sheathing

Cobalt based alloys are used in many hardfacing applications and requires a sheathing material with high ductility to allow for an efficient wire production process. AMETEK SMP offers Ductile Cobalt alloys with elongations over 80%. This is achieved through Iron and Nickel additions sufficient to maintain a face centered cubic structure; a more ductile structure than Cobalt’s normal HCP arrangement.

Recent advances in chemistry and processing have allowed AMETEK SMP to develop grades of Low Iron Ductile Cobalt for applications requiring minimal Iron content. The Iron content in the strip can be reduced to between 3.5% and 4.7% depending on requested ductility. Finished flux cored wire with Iron content below 3% can be achieved using this sheathing alloy.

Other Grades

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products is committed to producing the finest products for the weld wire industry. Our processing is adaptable to many alloy combinations. Please contact us with any special requests.

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