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AM-388® strip is produced from wrought powder metallurgy. This C72650 spinodal alloy is a replacement for copper beryllium

AM 388™ (UNS C72650) Strip

AM 388™ (UNS C72650) is a copper based Spinodal alloy with high conductivity and high strength. The material delivers outstanding performance for contacts in electronic connectors, sockets and switches. AM 388™ is accepted as a safe replacement material for Beryllium Copper alloy.
Non-toxic replacement for Beryllium Copper (UNS C17500)
Our AM 388™ material offers a non-carcinogenic alternative to C17500 Beryllium Copper (BeCu) with similar mechanical properties and electrical conductivity but without the dangers to health.
  • No carcinogenic elements - only copper/nickel/tin
  • Combination of high strength and formability
  • High conductivity
  • Low distortion during aging, no fixturing required
  • Excellent solderability and resistance to stress relaxation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and easy to plate
Read our AM 388™ Strip brochure to learn more about the benefits in comparison to C17500 Beryllium Copper (BeCu).
AM 388™ Strip is engineered for applications in the electronics, and mining and drilling markets. Critical applications include:
Reduced Distortion During Heat Treatment
AM 388™ strip exhibits great spring properties in the hardened tempers. Stamped parts in the forms of spring clips and electronic contacts can be processed in the ductile form for intricate parts and then heat treated to finish with high hardness and tensile properties. In comparison with Beryllium Copper, AM 388™ maintains tolerance much better when undergoing the final heat treatment.
Age-Hardenable for High Performance
AM 388™ strip can be age hardened up to 155 ksi ultimate tensile strength (1068 MPa) and 380 Hardness (VHN). Alloys that are age hardenable and non-magnetic are best suited for oil and gas applications such as non-sparking tools. We offer an alternative Spinodal alloy, Pfinodal® (C72900), that can be age hardened to 195 ksi ultimate tensile strength (1344 MPa) and 410 Hardness (VHN) for deep hole penetration applications.
Chemical Composition
AM-388™ (UNS C72650) Chemical Composition
Nickel 7.0 - 8.0%
Tin 4.5 - 5.5%
Other elements 0.5% Maximum
Copper Balance
Physical Properties
AM-388™ (UNS C72650) Physical Properties
Electrical Conductivity at 68°F (20°C) 14 to 15% % IACS
Modulus of Elasticity 18 x 106
(12 x 103)
Density 0.32
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