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Pure Nickel Strip products engineered to specific customer requirements and high conductivity electronic applications.

Nickel Strip | High Purity

Our Pure Nickel Strip products can be engineered to specific customer requirements and applications. The high purity (99.98%) allowing for greater power transmission by improving the electrical conductivity more than 20% beyond cast products. Additions of other elements can be made to enhance certain properties such as strength or grain size.

These Nickel Strip Products are generally used in electronic applications such as battery tabs, cathodes, switchgear connections and nickel mesh within battery catalysts.

Pure Nickel Properties
Commercially pure nickels are used in a variety of applications because of a unique combination of properties such as good electrical and thermal conductivity, resistance to tarnishing or chemical reactivity in ambient temperature, atmospheric environments, good formability, ease of plating, good weldability, moderate resistance to acids and excellent resistance to caustic solutions.

Wrought Powder Metallurgy Process
The AMETEK SMP powder metallurgy strip process produces high purity nickel strips which are uniquely suited for battery applications. Very low impurity levels are achievable and dispersed phase alloying approaches can be utilized to advantage. Tight control over low level alloying additions is also an inherent advantage of the process.

As a result, additions in excess of that needed to routinely achieve a particular property are not required and additionally impact on other properties is thus minimal. Two alloy grades, AME200-899L and AME205-899D, offer the high electrical and thermal conductivities expected of high purity material coupled with the excellent formability and welding properties normally associated with more highly alloyed products.


AMETEK Grades Industry Equivalents AMETEK Grades Industry Equivalents
High Purity Dispersed Phase
AME 270 - 899A N02270 AME 205 - 899E N02205/233
AME 200 - 899L N02200/201 AME 205 - 899D N02205/201
AME 201 - 899D N02200/201 AME 225 - 899G N02205
AMETEK’s 899 Series is a high-purity strip that can be formed welded, soldered, or plated better than traditional melt or cast nickel products, offering major advantages to the rechargeable battery industry.
  • Highest degree of electrical conductivity
  • Lowest electrical resistivity available in pure nickel strip
  • Consistent Chemistry Control
  • Standard & Custom Sizes & Tempers
  • Short Lead Times
  • Small MOQ
  • Homogeneity, microcleanliness, and close composition control to enhance weldability
  • Low levels of surface oxides to reduce die wear and provide excellent solderability
  • Excellent formability
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