Custom Shaped Wire and Flat Wire

Shaped Wire

We manufacture high tolerance custom shaped wire and flat wire products in a wide range of standard shapes in addition to custom shapes. The range of alloys available is nearly endless with choices from our own high purity wrought powder metallurgy alloys (nickel wire, Pfinodal® wire, Sealvar®, and Nickel Irons) as well as materials from nearly any wire or rod producer on the planet. A comprehensive review of these materials can be found in our Shaped Wire Products Catalog.

Standard shaped wire is available from on-site tooling in round, square, and flat wires. Edges of flat wire product can be profiled with square, rolled rounded edges, natural round edges or fully blended round edges. Applications for standard shapes include lighting applications, standard toothbrush wire, electronic connectors, sealing wire and electrical leads.

Square Edge Wire
Flat side with very minumum radius at the corners
 Rounded Corner Wire
Rounded Corner Wire
Flat side wire with a larger radius on the corners
Natural Rolled or Round Edged Wire
Natural Rolled or Round Edged Wire
No flat on side. Slightly sharp corner where arc meets flats
Full Rounded or Blended Edged Wire
Full Rounded or Blended Edged Wire
No flat on side. Arc blends into flats, eliminating sharp corners

In addition to our standard shapes such as round, square and flat wire, we offer custom wire shape capabilities that are only limited by the imaginations of your designers. Our custom wire shapes are produced to customer drawings and include deep plunging channel wire for superconductors in MRI machines, push-pull controls for the aerospace and marine controls markets, near net shapes for orthodontic use, and specialty shaped toothbrush wires for high tuft retention.


Square Wire Square Wire 0.375" to 0.010" +/-0.002" to +/-0.0002
Round Wire Round Wire 0.250" to 0.005" +/-0.0015" to +/-0.00025"
Flat Wire  Flat Wire 0.250" x 0.750" 0.008" x 0.018" +/-0.0035" to 0.008" +/- 0.001" based on ratio of gauge to width
Custom Shaped Wire Custom Shaped Wire