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Medical implant materials in ultra-thin titanium strip for pacemakers, cardiac rhythm management and neurostimulator

Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable Medical Devices

Our precision metal strip products are custom-made in biocompatible alloys for implantable medical devices that improve quality of life for patients around the world. We work in partnership with Hamilton Precision Metals to manufacture innovative metal materials that enable smaller, lighter and higher performing medical implants.
Superior Titanium Strip for Implantable Medical Devices
We have developed proprietary practices for the successful reduction of Titanium Grade 5 (6Al-4V) and Titanium Grade 23 Alloys (6Al-4V ELI) to thicknesses of 0.0039” (0.10mm). Our process results in a finish much superior to alternative methods of etching or grinding strips to gauge. This surface finish and gauge control translates to improvements in finished product quality as well as process controls during drawing, stamping, etching or laser cutting. These alloys are offered in the fully annealed or the as-rolled tempers.
Our implantable strip materials for medical implants are custom-made to deliver outstanding microstructure characteristics and formability properties. The benefits for medical device manufactures include:
  • Fine Grain Size improves drawability
  • Highly Ductile material reduces processing steps
  • Surface Finish eliminates splitting/tearing and mitigates cosmetic issues
  • Cosmetics deliver improved yields
  • Gauge Control enables repeatability in the stamp / draw process
Biocompatible Alloys for Implants
Titanium is the preferred material for medical implants due to its light weight, biocompatibility and ability to be deep-drawn into the desired shape and EB-welded to provide a hermetic seal. Our titanium strips are produced with fine grain size for drawability, superior surface finish and short lead-times. Titanium material used in medical implants can also be reduced to thin gauges (to 7.5 micron), low roughness (25 µinch Ra). Working in partnership with Hamilton Precision Metals, we offer a range of biocompatible materials for implants:
  • Ti CP (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 4)
  • Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5)
  • Ti 3Al-2.5V (Grade 9)
  • Ti 6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23)
  • Stainless Steel: 316, 316LVM, 316 LS, 420, 450, and others
Thickness: Below 0.090” (2.3mm) to 1.5 micron.
We maintain special capabilities to produce materials outside of these ranges for special applications.
Medical Implant Applications

Our products are used by the metal forming companies that make the hermetic shield and cans for the largest pacemaker, drug-infusion pump and electronic implant manufacturers around the world.

Implantable Device Enclosure applications include:
  • Cardiac and pacemaker shield
  • Drug-infusion pump and delivery systems
  • Electronic implants
  • Neurostimulator implant
  • Defibrillators (Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM))
Safe External Charging of Neurostimulator Implants
We have the expertise to produce thin strip in titanium grades 5, 9 and 23 that facilitate the external charging of neurostimulators when incorporated into the external shell.
Our materials allow for the manufacturing of smaller devices that enable safe, external re-charging for a range of transformative neuromodulation and neurostimulation therapy applications.
Rapid Lead Times and Small Lot Sizes
We offer exceptionally short lead times and small batch sizes while maintaining product consistency from lot to lot.

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