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Pure Metal Strip manufactured using wrought powder metallurgical process by AMETEK SMP Wallingford

Metal Strip | High Purity

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products uses a wrought powder metallurgical process to ensure the highest purity finished products. Our main strengths lie in the processing of Nickel, Iron and Cobalt containing alloys amongst other available materials.

The processing of these materials begins with the consolidation of powder through a roll compaction process and followed by a controlled atmosphere sintering. Further reduction of the material is performed solely under cold working temperatures to reduce the introduction of non-metallics and annealing is performed under controlled atmospheres.

AMETEK Strip Products are produced in ranges between .002” (0.05mm) and .080” (2.03mm) thicknesses in a full range of tempers and widths to 22” (558.8mm) while maintaining special capabilities to produce materials outside of these ranges for special applications.

This process lends itself to the production of small but easily reproducible lots of highly specialized alloys targeted for specialized applications at competitive prices.

The purity of the material ensures low levels of non-metallic inclusions including oxides. This condition improves tool and die life during processing as well as reducing the likelihood of opening during draw operations.

Standard Capabilities
  • Coil size:
    Up to 300lbs. per inch width (5.4kg/mm) specific coil weight,
  • Standard arbor diameters:
    3” (76.2mm), 6” (152.4mm), 8” (203.2mm), 12” (304.8mm) and 16” (406.4mm)
  • Oscillate-wound coils up to 800 lb (365kg)
  • Temper Range:
    Annealed DDQ to Full Hard, including ¼ H, ½ H, ¾ H and custom ranges

Find a consolidated listing of our High Purity Strip Products in our Metal Strip Brochure.

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