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Electronic Connectors

Strip and wire in alloy C72900 (Pfinodal®)

AMETEK SMP offers strip and wire products in alloy C72900 (Pfinodal®) for manufacturing of connectors in the electronics industry. A major benefit of the material is the lack of stress relaxation during heat treatment following forming of parts. As compared to beryllium copper alloys, the C72900 materials maintain tolerance much better when undergoing the final heat treatment step which allows manufacturers to more closely tolerance parts. Further, parts in service in harsh environments maintain their shape at higher temperatures ensuring that electronic contact is maintained and minimizing unplanned downtime for equipment. AMETEK offers the age hardening treatments of formed parts as well as offering mill-hardened products direct from the plant.

Additionally, AMETEK SMP has been a leader in the production of high purity Nickel Strip for use in battery tab connectors. This high purity product enlists a 15% higher conductivity compared to standard cast products which include resistive non-metallic inclusions. The high conductivity of our nickel products makes it the choice for demanding electronic applications.