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High precision seamless tubes are manufactured by Fine Tubes to exacting customer specifications

Nickel-Iron Alloy Strip

Our Nickel-Iron alloys are engineered to the ASTM F30 standards for sealing materials and their specified coefficients of thermal expansion. These materials are generally used as the sealing material to bridge the difference between two materials of differing expansion rates during heating and to maintain a hermetic seal.

These Nickel-Iron Strip Products are generally used in glass to metal sealing applications ranging from light bulbs to hermetically sealed integrated circuits as well as electrical applications such as switch-gear connections and reed switch systems. Nickel Iron alloys include Invar®, alloys 42, 46, 48 and 52. Others available on request.

AMETEK Grades Industry Equivalents
936 Alloy 36 (Invar®) (UNS K93600)
942 Alloy 42 (UNS K94100)
946 Alloy 46 (UNS K94600)
948 Alloy 48 (UNS K94800)
952 Alloy 52 (UNS N14052)
AMETEK high-purity 936, 942, 946, 948, 952 alloys for glass to metal seals in electron tubes, transistors, headlights, thermostats, and similar applications. Other nickel/iron variations can be made at the customer’s request.
  • Low gas content reduces possibility of out gassing over time
  • Thermal expansion properties are consistent with cast product
  • Significantly low levels of surface oxides reduce die wear
  • Controlled chemistry ensures superior glass sealing characteristics
  • Consistent and repeatable lot to lot chemistry control
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