High Purity Metal Strip

High Purity Strip produced using wrought powder metallurgy

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products uses a wrought powder metallurgical process to ensure the highest purity finished products. Our main strengths lie in the processing of Nickel, Iron and Cobalt containing alloys amongst other available materials.

The processing of these materials begins with the consolidation of powder through a roll compaction process and followed by a controlled atmosphere sintering. Further reduction of the material is performed solely under cold working temperatures to reduce the introduction of non-metallics and annealing is performed under controlled atmospheres.

AMETEK Strip Products are produced in ranges between .080” and .002” thicknesses in a full range of tempers and widths to 22” while maintaining special capabilities to produce materials outside of these ranges for special applications.

This process lends itself to the production of small but easily reproducible lots of highly specialized alloys targeted for specialized applications.

The purity of the material ensures low levels of non-metallic inclusions including oxides. This condition improves tool and die life during processing as well as reducing the likelihood of opening during draw operations.

Find a consolidated listing of our High Purity Strip Products in our AMETEK Advantage Literature.

Our Pure Nickel Strip products can be engineered to specific customer requirements and applications. The high purity (99.6% to 99.97%) allowing for greater power transmission by improving the electrical conductivity more than 20% beyond cast products. Additions of other elements can be made to enhance certain properties such as strength or grain size.

These Nickel Strip Products are generally used in electronic applications such as battery tabs, cathodes, switchgear connections and nickel mesh within battery catalysts.

Our Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Iron-Cobalt (Sealvar®) alloys are engineered to the ASTM F30 and ASTM F15 standards, respectively, for sealing materials and their specified coefficients of thermal expansion. These materials are generally used as the sealing material to bridge the difference between two materials of differing expansion rates during heating and to maintain a hermetic seal. The low levels of impurities in the material reduce the chance of out-gassing over time; a critical role in maintaining the hermetic seal.

These Nickel-Iron Strip Products are generally used in sealing applications ranging from light bulbs to hermetically sealed integrated circuits as well as electrical applications such as switch-gear connections.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products has applied the high purity wrought powder compaction process to Ductile Cobalt Alloys in order to produce multiple ductile cobalt strip products generally used by weld wire manufacturers as sheathing for flux cored and metal cored hardfacing materials. These alloys range from 80 to 95% cobalt with Iron or Iron-Nickel additions to improve ductility for drawing operations.

Additional sheathing alloys are available in Pure Nickel and blended grades of Nickel-Chrome alloys. These alloys are also produced to ensure the highest ductility. The Nickel-Chrome materials are available in standard grades of 10%, 20%, 30% and 35% Chrome with balance Nickel. Silicon additions are also available.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products offers two grades of Spinodally Strengthening materials. Our Pfinodal® and AM-388® materials are produced through the same wrought powder metallurgy as copper based products with Nickel and Tin additions.

These materials can be roll tempered to desired mechanical properties but also avail themselves to age hardening for increased strength and hardness making them ideal for bearing materials as well as electrical connectors. The low distortion during hardening allows for complex forming of parts prior to heat treatment without the need for costly fixtures.

Recently, Pfinodal® has been chosen as a replacement for Beryllium Copper due to the carcinogenic effects of Beryllium and fears of bans on Beryllium containing products due to REACH, RoHS, and mandates.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products manufactures two standard grades of Nickel Tungsten Strip Products for use in superconducting substrates and electron cathodes. These alloys consist of 9% and 14% Tungsten, respectively, with the balance Nickel. These alloys offer stiffness, oxide resistance and are non-magnetic. We are happy to offer these standard products or work to your own proprietary specifications.

Other High Purity Strip Products include High Purity Iron with Carbon content lower than 100ppm and High Purity Cobalt. Both of these alloys are generally used as catalysts for synthetic diamond production