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Net shapes and bar products in Pfinodal® UNS C72900

Engineered Shaped Components

Pfinodal® UNS C72900

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products offers Pfinodal® UNS C72900 as a replacement for Toughmet® UNS C72900 and Beryllium Copper Alloys. AMETEK obtained patents for its powder metallurgically produced product in 1983 and has been serving customers in the Electronics, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Industrial markets ever since.

Net Shapes and Bar Products

AMETEK's process produces near net shapes and bar products in a variety of alloys through the use of Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) and Pneumatic Isostatic Forging (PIF) to create wrought products. The process begins with chemistry-controlled powders that are consolidated to oversized shapes through the CIP process. These products are then processed through a high temperature sinter and then fully consolidated through the PIF process. Our patented process translates to superb metallurgical properties combined with low costs and the shortest processing lead-time in the industry.

Bearing Materials

The CIP/PIF process has leant itself to the production of bearing materials. The consolidation of Pfinodal® UNS C72900 has been used in market-leading tri-cone drill bits for over 20 years and continues to expand into new down-hole applications due to its well-suited characteristics. These materials have crossed markets and are now also used in Aerospace bushings in landing gear; replacing Beryllium Copper products due to improvement in key properties and health concerns surrounding the machining and handling of Beryllium.

The success of Pfinodal® C72900 in down-hole bearing materials has led to the development of the product for additional applications such as centralizers, field joints, shafts and motor components on down-hole strings. These products are summarized in our Pfinodal® C72900 ESC Datasheet.

In Demand

This batch processing is also in demand for products such as high purity Nickel bar products for x-ray equipment in the healthcare industry, magnetic materials for instrumentation, and custom alloyed sputtering targets.

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